Vampire Facts - Etymology, Types, Information about Vampires

The long interaction of vampire myths with various cultures of our world enabled them to infuse themselves into our lives like no other mystical creature managed to do. Here you can find out some of the most important facts about vampires, their types, powers and impact on us.

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Origins of Word Vampire

The term vampire came from the Slavic folklore tales about bloodsucking undead creature that was not much different from that mystical creature that has established itself into our popular culture. Here you can find how those ancient folklore myths influenced modern day vampires.

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Types of Vampires

Incredible popularity of vampires and their impact on human popular culture and myth have created many different variations of this mystical creature. From traditional vampires who feed on blood to the vampires who feed off other sources of power, here you can find out more about them.

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Power of Dhampirs

Myths about vampires that were created in Eastern Europe and Balkans also came with the stories of half-vampires or Dhampirs, creatures of power that have all the advantages of vampire but none of their weaknesses. Here you can find more about their history and impact on our culture.

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