Types of Vampires - Different Vampire Variations

Blood Drinkers

Blood Drinkers (Sanguine Vampires) - They must regularly drink fresh human (or animal) blood to sustain their undead existence. They cannot be satisfied with blood from the dead animal, and by some beliefs can be harmed if the blood is infused with the strong force of religion, love or if human consumed large quantities of garlic before vampire got to him. This type of vampires is most common, and they can be found in the cultures and myths all around the world - from ancient Babylon and Greece to the Asia and back to Balkans, where the modern myth of blood sucking Vampire was originated. According to by many myths, one single feeding of blood can provide vampire with a subsidence for two weeks.


Psi-Vampires - This type of vampires does not physically harm their victims or willing donors, but they extract life force which enables them to continue living. This psionic ability can work both with single victims and by extracting the life force from crowds of people. Most often, victims cannot notice that the vampire is feeding on them, and effects of such feeding can be short and long term fatigue (they very rarely lead to death).

Picture Of Baobhan Sith By Philippe Semeria

Emphatic Vampire

Emphatic or Elemental Vampire - This type of vampire can feed from the emotion of people around them, most often positive energies such as happiness and love, but also from negative energies such as anger and fear. Vampires that freed from such darker emotions are often responsible for causing them (scaring the victim), but the rest of empathic vampires simple feed from the currently present emotions that are present around them. Elemental vampires are similar, but they feed of natural elements of wind and lightning.

Sexual Vampires

Sexual Vampires - Sexual Vampires sustain their lives by absorbing sexual life force energies from their willing partners, especially during a moment of orgasm. They do their feeding either psychically or by consuming bodily fluids. The most famous mythical sexual vampire is female Succubus or male Incubus.

Soul Vampires

Soul Vampires - These vampires feed of soul energy of their victim, usually shortening their life span visibly or sometimes killing them from excessive feeding.

Genetic Vampires

Genetic Vampires - They are either scientifically created vampires, or children of vampires and man that possess some (but not all) of the vampire powers.

Insane Vampires

Insane (Malkavian) Vampires - Willful and sometimes unwanted conversion of human into a vampire can sometimes induce mental illnesses and creation of insane vampires who cannot be easily controlled.

Disfigured Vampires

Disfigured (Nosferatu) Vampires - Prolonged life as a vampire or a bad case of conversion into undead life can induce disfiguration and rotting of the flesh. These vampires are best known as Nosferatu.

Literary and Movie Vampires

Literary and Movie Vampires - Hundreds of years of presence in art has created many interesting types of vampires. Some of the most famous ones are day-walkers from Twilight series of books and movies, half-vampire Blade, and many others.

Picture Of Baobhan Sith By Philippe Semeria
Picture Of Vampyren The Vampire By Edvard Munch
Picture Of Vampyren The Vampire By Edvard Munch
Picture Of The Lamia