Vampire Games - Video Games with Vampires

Some video games with vampires:

  • Castlevania series - Released to the world in 1986 for Family Computer Disk System (alternative version of MSX 2 Console), Castlevania franchise grew with every year reaching the number of around 35 titles in main and spinoff series. The main protagonist of this franchise is Simon Belmont, the last descendant of in the line of famous family of vampire hunters who is on the quest to destroy vampire minions and end the rule of evil Count Dracula. With almost 30 years of legacy and millions of fans around the world, Castlevania series represents one of the gold standards of action based 2D platforming games with innovative RPG design that has influenced many games over the decades. In 2001 creator of this franchise Konami teamed up with Spanish team Mercury Steam in production of successful reboot called Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. This game introduced Castlevania franchise to the new generation of gamers that are used to play games with high end 3D graphic and innovative storytelling.
  • Legacy of Kain series - This franchise of action adventure video games has over the years gathered significant acclaim with critics and public, who praised their high quality story, voice acting and visuals. Developed initially in studio Silicon Knights (1996-1997), this franchise ended up with Crystal Dynamics (1999-2004) who focused more on innovative 3D games with industry leading visuals and storytelling that is set in the fantasy world where vampires rule the world and constant battle between forces of good and evil is fought constantly. Main storyline follows the adventures of antihero vampires Kain and Raziel.
  • Vampire: The Masquerade series - Tabletop role playing game World of Darkness has spawned many spinoffs, but two videogames set in the vampire world of Masquerade have garnered much acclaim and praise from worldwide gaming audience. In first game Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption (2000) player had the ability to lead newly born vampire in medieval settings, and in sequel called Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines (2004) storyline shifted to the modern times where vampire clans established their secret rule over the world. The principal rule (called Masquerade) of this universe is the absolute necessity of vampires to remain hidden from mankind.
Picture Of Vampire The Masquerade
  • Dracula series (graphic adventures) - Series of three graphical point & click adventures released between 199 and 2008 directly follows the story that was described in Bram Stoker's Dracula. Players can visit the Dracula's estate in Transylvania and unearth secret history of this legendary vampire.
  • Infamous 2: Festival of Blood - Standalone expansion of superhero themed action game Infamous 2 dabbled in the occult, vampires and demons. In the beginning of this campaign the lead character is infected with vampirism (must drink blood to survive, transform to swarm of bats, and has other powers) and have until dawn to find a cure.
  • A Vampyre Story (2008) - This beautiful point & click follows the life of Mona De Laffite, young woman and recently turned vampire who wants to somehow continue her old life and career of opera singing.
  • Metal Gear Solid series - Series of tactical action games in Metal Gear Solid franchise was always hailed by the industry leading storytelling, visuals and voice acting. This fact was reinforced in video games MGS2 and MGS4 which featured villain called Vamp, who exhibited many traits of true vampire (regenerative health, immortality, superhuman strength and speed). Eventually it was revealed that his powers came from scientific discoveries in the field of nano-machines.
Picture Of Vampire The Masquerade
Picture Of Vampire The Masquerade
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