Vampire Legends - Legendary Vampiric Creatures

  • Asasabonsam - This legendary creature from West Africa is described as a forest dwelling vampires that live in treetops and catch their victims with their legs that have hooks instead of claws or fingers. Ashanti people believe that their teeth are made from iron.
  • Adze - Shape shifting creature from Ghana and Togo in Africa. It is believed that it can change shape from human to firefly and feed from mortal blood.
  • Baital - These vampires that originate in India are believed to be four feet tall and have form of half human and half bat.
  • Bajang - Malaysia has their own vampire myth in the tales of Bajang, blood sucking creature that takes the form of polecats. People there believe that sorcerers can control those creatures and use them to kill enemies or stalk some families for generations.
  • BaobhanSith - Scotts believe in a legend of evil faeries called BaobhanSith (pronounced buh-van she) that pose as beautiful women who exhaust men with song and dance until they are too tired to resist them feeding of their blood. In true European fairy fashion, they can be repelled with cold iron.
  • Bruxa - Bruza is a legendary vampire creature from Portugal. It is believed that witches can curse beautiful women to become vampires who terrorize men by night and are completely normal by day.
  • Callicantzaros - This medieval and modern legendary creature from Greece is believed to exist and even today stalk the countryside of this mountainous country. According to them, evil spirit Callicantzaros can possess the male babies that are born around New Year, and when they grow up they take the form of creature that is half human and half animal. They stalk the countryside sometimes talking women to be their wives in the underworld.
Picture Of Baobhan Sith By Andre Koehne
  • Ch'ing Shih - Chinese myth of spirit creature Ch'ing Shihm mentions that it can kill and drain their victims from blood, but that people can successfully fight it by leaving the pile or rice on the ground (it must count every grain) and fight it with ordinary weapons and sunlight.
  • Dearg-due - Irish vampire legend mentions that Dearg-due is a vampire that cannot shape shift and that can be easily contained by building cairn of stones around their grave.
  • Ekimmu - Assyrian and Sumerian legend of afterlife mention Ekimmu, spirits of the people that were not properly buried and who haunt mortal lands. By some reports they can feed on blood.
  • Succubus and Incubus - European myth of evil spirits of vampires that feed of a sexual energies and the blood of their victims. Sometimes they haunt the dreams of their victims and feed of their life energies in that way.
  • Rakshasa - Powerful Indian vampire spirits that can take form of humans and animals. They prefer eating flesh than blood.
  • Lillith - Mesopotamian legend of an evil spirit who stole children and consumed them.
  • Vampir - Serbian legendary vampiric creature that is naturally invisible, but can be seen by animals, and their half-human half-vampire offspring called dhampir.
Picture Of Baobhan Sith By Andre Koehne
Picture Of Baobhan Sith By Andre Koehne
Picture Of Lilith By John Collier 1892
Picture Of Rakshasa Demon