Picture Of Vampire Aversion To Crosses

Picture Of Vampire Aversion To Crosses

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Myths about Vampires

Myths about vampires changed and evolved during the centuries, but some of their core abilities remained unchanged. Here you can find out more about their supernatural powers, weaknesses and how those abilities were extracted from ordinary life, ancient myths, and insufficient medical knowledge.

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History of Vampires

History of folklore creature that we know today as a vampire reaches the most distant corners of the modern human civilization. Countless variations of this creature appeared over the entire world and finally reached its latest incarnation in the Hungarian vampire. Here you can find out how the beliefs of vampires creatures changed our history.

Legendary Vampiric Creatures

Legendary creatures that preceded appearance of vampires in the Medieval Europe have appeared in many civilizations all across the world. Here you can find about those creatures and the fear they inflicted upon the people from the dawn of time until today.