Wakwak - Philippine Bird-like Vampiric Creature

Wakwak is a character from Philippine mythology. Wakwak cuts its victims with its sharp claws and devours them alive or eats their hearts. It can use victims for black magic spells. It is a bird like a vampire who prey at night. It is less human, more animal and can fly and reach out to rural places.

Picture Of Wakwak Bird Like Human

Wakwak got its name from the sound of wings flap while flying. Scientifically looking this sound is made by gecko. When it makes loud sound, it is far and looking for victims. When it is ready to attack, silence begins. It can prey on human as well on livestock at night. It can turn human to kill and serve for its revenge. Folklore stories tell that during victim’s sleep wakwak can bite off his finger, ear or nose. It is similar creature as Manananggal, other vampire creature from Philippine folklore. Wakwak looks like bat or bird, has sharp wings, deadly claws, sharp fangs and no beak. In some stories, it is a vampire taking a form of a creature wakwak. In other versions, it is a witch that can take a form of a night bird. It has large orange eyes that mesmerize, hypnotize and paralyze the victim. Common in all stories is that wakwak is blood sucking evil creature. It can also shapeshift, into animal or human. They don’t like sunlight. To protect yourself from wakwak people believe it is good to have blessed rosary, ginger or bent coin. Throwing holy water or salt will burn this creature.

This is one of the creepy stories about vampire creature on the Philippines. All these stories are similar, with little differences, all describing vampire like paranormal entity who prey on their victims with sharp bangs or claws and sucks blood, eat flesh or heart. Wakwak is an important part of Philippine mythology and folklore stories.