Baobhan Sith - Scottish Vampire Legend

Baobhan sith is a character from Scottish mythology. She is an extraordinarily beautiful woman in a white or green dress called the White Women of the Scottish Highlands. Green is the color of fairies and magic. Her appearance is enchanting although she is very evil and dangerous.

These blood-sucking female fairies are found in natural settings and forests.

Baobhan sith is one of the oldest vampires. It is said that Scotland and Ireland were once a hotspot for vampires before Easter Europe became famous. Like another vampire she spends a day in her grave and has active night.

Picture Of Baobhan Sith By Andre Koehne

These creatures shun society, frequently hunt in packs and usually keeping to rural areas. The story tells that they have cloven hooves, can shape-shift and speak any language due to telepathy with their victims. Their favorite form is a wolf, not bat. They usually attack in a group.

Baobhan sith appears as beautiful seductress and blood-sucking fairy who prey by night on young travelers in secluded areas. She invites men to dance with her, and when they are off guard, she attacks with clutches, rather than with fangs. She makes holes in the victim's neck and sucks their blood, life, and sexual potency out of the victims.

The difference from other vampires is that she rises once a year, the bitten men victims will not turn into a vampire, and the bitten women victims will turn into one of them.

They are afraid of the horse, so potential victim should stay sitting on his horse. It is believed that to stop Baobhan sith people must build a stone cover over her grave. People must use an iron weapon against her.

She represents a messenger of the death of a member of prominent families.

Baobhan sith have similarities to fairies from Scottish mythology and different types of vampires. A similar creature, from Celtic folklore, is a beautiful fairy leanan sídhe. Also, similar creature from Irish mythology is a female spirit banshee.

Baobhan sith is a part of modern media, like movies, tv series and comic books.

Picture Of Baobhan Sith By Andre Koehne
Picture Of Baobhan Sith
Picture Of Baobhan Sith
Picture Of Baobhan Sith By Philippe Semeria